The following is a summary of the requirements which follow from the School regulations. If you have any doubts, please consult your supervisor.

Course blocks

The required courses are divided into following six blocks:

  1. Introductory courses (in Physics these are Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Classical Electrodynamics, Statistical Physics):
    1 point/course; all students are obliged to obtain a passing grade. 
  2. Methodology courses
    at least 3 points in total during first 4 semesters
  3. Specialised courses
    at least 4 points in total during first 4 semesters, 6 during first 6 semesters
  4. Research and Technology (overview of Nuclear Technology)
    at least 1 point during the first 6 semesters
  5. Seminars
    1 point/semester; obligatory Graduate School Seminar plus at least one specialised  seminar per semester
  6. Career development courses
    at least 2 points during the first 4 semesters

Please note: the assignment of points for courses not organised by the GSP&C need not conform to the assignment of ECTS points by the host institutions. A very rough approximate correspondence is that 1 point in the sense used here corresponds to 3 ECTS points.

Midterm Assessment

After completing the 4th semester you will need to undergo a midterm assessment. You need to have accumulated at least 17 points by that time.

Final Assessment

To complete the study requirements at least 30 points required.

Individual Research Plan

By the end of the 2nd semester all students submit an Individual Research Plan prepared in collaboration with the supervisor. This plan is updated annually.