Chemistry thesis topics (for October 2020)

  1. 135La-labeled PSMA antigen for Auger electron therapy of prostate cancer
    • Supervisor: dr hab. Agnieszka Majkowska-Pilip
    • Description: The aim of this project will be to obtain 135La-labeled PSMA radiobioconjugate for targeted therapy of prostate cancer. The project objectives will be realized in 5 main tasks over a period of four years.
      T1. Obtaining of 135La radionuclide in cyclotron
      T2. Separation of 135La from 135Ba target
      T3. Synthesis of 135La-PSMA-617 radiobioconjugate
      T4. In-vitro experiments on cancer cells (receptor affinity, internalization studies, cytotoxicity etc.)
      The doctorate will cover both research in radiochemistry and radiobiology.
    • Funding: IChTJ Fellowship
  2. Characteristic of chiral molecules using chiroptical methods supported by computational chemistry
    • Supervisor: dr hab. Joanna E. Rode
    • Auxiliary Supervisor: dr. Krzysztof Łyczko
    • Description: Since early 2000s we are calculating and for about five years we are measuring the Vibrational Circular Dichroism and Electronic Circular Dichroism spectra. In cooperation with Raman Spectroscopy Group supervised by prof. Malgorzata Baranska in Jagiellonian University we are studying the Raman Optical Activity spectra too. Quite recently we are also cooperating with the Mieczysław Łapkowski’s Department of Physical Chemistry and Technology of Polymers of Silesian University of Technology in ECD spectroelectrochemisty measurements. New chiral substances are synthesized in prof. Robert Kawęcki’s Organic Chemistry Department of Siedlce University. The PhD Thesis can be devoted to spectroscopic measurements, computational interpretation and crystal structure determination of a congruent series of chiral substances such as chiral organic semiconductor molecules or chiral lanthanide coordination complexes.
    • Funding: IChTJ Fellowship