Financial Support

All of our students are financially supported by the the parent Institutes – NCBJ and ICHTJ as well as various research grant awards.

The monthly stipend is paid over a period of maximum 48 months and is not subject to income tax. Initially the regular stipend (NCBJ Fellowship) amounts to PLN2600 and following a positive evaluation after 2 years of study this is raised. For topics with grant support the stipend is higher and depends on the type of grant.

The School does NOT cover the cost of health insurance for students from outside the EU. The monthly cost of health insurance with the Polish state-run health insurer (NFZ) is under 50 PLN. There are also many private options. EU citizens will be covered, but they need to obtain an E104 form from the insurers in their home countries.

We encourage and support applications for external funding through projects related to the chosen area of research.