The exam can be conducted in Polish or in English. It consists of three parts.

Part I: an oral exam where the applicant is asked to present three topics, one from each section, selected by the exam committee from a separate list for Physics or Chemistry applicants. Notes may not be used. The presentation of the selected topics is the point of departure for questions from members of the exam committee. The scope of the exam encompasses the standard undergraduate physics curriculum. Applicants need to pass this part of the exam to go onto the next stage.

Part II: A short (10 minutes) presentation of the applicant’s research experience (such as undergraduate thesis work). A blackboard will be available as well as a computer connected to a projector.

Part III: Applicants will typically be asked to read an article beforehand and present its main points (10 minutes). Notes or other materials may be used. The form of this part of the exam may differ depending on the requirements of external funding agencies.