Thesis topics in Chemistry (for February 2023)

  1. Radiopharmaceuticals for pozytonium livetime tomography
    • Supervisor: Prof. dr hab. Aleksander Bilewicz
    • Auxiliary Supervisor: Dr Rafał Walczak
    • Description: The Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory in the Department of Radiochemistry nad Nuclear Chemistry is seeking candidates for a PhD student position in design, synthesis and biological evaluations of new radiopharmaceuticals pozytonium live-time tomography. Our research group develops and evaluates new radiobioconjugates labeled with alpha and Auger emitters. Preclinical research in actinium-225-labeled peptides conducted by our group has been translated to the clinic and is presently being evaluated in multiple human studies.The aim of the proposed project is to obtain radiopharmaceuticals based on the 55Co radionuclide emitting a β+ particle and a high-energy γ quanta. This allows it to be used in pozytonium live-time tomography. Targeted molecules like antibodies fragments and small molecules like PSMA-617 will be labeled with 55Co, which will transport the radioactive nanoparticles to the breast, ovarian or prostate cancer cells. The project includes:
      • Production of 55Co on PETtrace cyclotron in Heavy Ions Laboratory,Warsaw University
      • Separation of 55Co from iron targets,
      • Labeling of biological vectors,
      • Biological studies such as binding affinity, internalization, cytotoxicity on cell cuture and spheroids.
    • Funding: NCN Fellowship