1. Design, synthesis and biological evaluations of new radiopharmaceuticals
    • Supervisor: prof. dr hab. Aleksander Bilewicz
    • Auxiliary Supervisor: dr Agnieszka Majkowska
    • Description: The Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory in the Department of Radiochemistry nad Nuclear Chemistry is seeking candidates for a PhD student  position in design, synthesis and biological evaluations of new radiopharmaceuticals.  Our research group develops and evaluates new radiobioconjugates labeled with alpha and Auger emitters.  Preclinical research in actinium-225-labeled peptides conducted by our group has been translated to the clinic and is presently being evaluated in multiple human studies. The aim of the proposed project is to obtain radioactive core shell nanoparticles by their synthesis from gold nanoparticles covered by Auger electrons emitters. Targeted molecules like monoclonal antibodies will be attached to the surface of nanoparticles, which will transport the radioactive  nanoparticles to the interior of liver, breast or ovarian cancer cells locating in the perinuclear area. We expect, high cytotoxicity of proposed radiobioconjugates. The project includes:
      • Synthesis of radioactive core shell nanoparticles,
      • Conjugation of biological vectors to nanoparticles,
      • Biological studies such as binding affinity, internalization, cytotoxicity on cell cuture and spheroids.
    • Funding: NCN Opus Grant Fellowship
  2. Novel Metal-Organic Framework based materials for the sequestration of radioactive nuclides from the aqueous environment
    • Supervisor: prof. dr hab. Grażyna Zakrzewska-Kołtuniewicz
    • Auxiliary Supervisor: dr Bożena Sartowska
    • Description: Metal-Organic Framework materials emerged as a new class of hybrid porous materials built up of metal (metal-oxide) clusters linked by polytypic organic linkers via coordinative bond.We are witnessing an extraordinary dynamic development in the field of MOF synthesis and applications in the last years, especially in the field of gas sorption and storage, separation of the gaseous mixtures, catalysis, drug encapsulation. The aim of the project is to develop novel MOF type sorbents for radioactive species sequestration and heavy metal removal from aqueous solutions and environment, as for example pertechnetate anions, uranyl anions, mercury.
    • Funding: IChTj Fellowship