Courses, Winter Term 2020/2021

Please let us know by email (by 07.10.2020) which courses you are planning to take this term. You should make your choice together with your advisor. You can attend courses at NCBJ, IChTJ or other graduate schools in the Warsaw area.

To enrol in one of the courses at the University of Warsaw Physics Department you need ask the lecturer by email whether you can attend and then (in case of a positive answer) send this form by email to .
You need to use your email address for this.

All classes this term are online unless otherwise noted.

  • Graduate Physics Seminar
    Program Block: Seminars
    Organized by: NCBJ
    Coordinator: dr hab. J. Wagner
    Hours: 1 weekly (15 total)
    Begins: 22.10.2020
    Schedule: Thursdays, 9:00
    Points: 1
  • Statistical mechanics
    Program Block: Introductory
    Organized by: NCBJ
    Lecturer: prof. S. Mrówczyński
    Teaching Assistant: K. Jodłowski
    Hours: 2+2 weekly (30+30 total)
    Begins: 20.10.2020 (lectures), 29.10.2020 (classes)
    Schedule: Tuesdays, 14:30 (lectures); Thursdays, 10:15 (classes)
    Notes: topics
    Points: 1
  • Physics of Nuclear Energy
    Program Block: Research and Technology
    Organized by: NCBJ
    Lecturer: prof. W. Gudowski
    Hours: 4 daily (20 total)
    Begins: 9.10.2020
    Notes: schedule
    Schedule: see above
    Points: 1
  • Modern data analysis – selected topics in Data Science
    Program Block: Methodology
    Organized by: NCBJ
    Lecturer: dr W. Krzemień
    Teaching Assistant: dr W. Krzemień
    Hours: 2+1 weekly, 45 total
    Begins: 16.10.2020
    Schedule: Fridays 14:30
    Notes: topics
    Points: 2
  • Coordination Chemistry
    Program Block: Research and Technology
    Organized by: ICHTJ
    Lecturer: dr K.Łyczko
    Hours: 2 daily (30 total)
    Begins: 14.10.2020 at 10.00
    Points: 1