Travel funding

Graduate School

The Graduate School has very limited funding to support conference and summer school participation by graduate students. This is mostly (but not exclusively) intended for students planning to give a conference talk. If you are interested in applying for this, please fill out the linked application form. Students in Physics should also submit the travel form.

STER programme

If you are considering a visit aimed at fostering scientific collaboration, it may be possible to fund such a trip under the STER programme.

Support for early-stage researchers

It is possible to subsidise 50% of the active participation of young scientists in conferences and training courses lasting up to 14 days from NCBJ early-stage researches funds (for NCBJ PhD students only). In order to obtain the subsidy, an application must be submitted to the NCBJ Scientific Secretary containing information about the conference/training, the venue and its/their date, the expected total cost and the type of presentation. The application must be signed by the author and the supervisor. Applications are considered on a rolling basis until the pool for conference/training funding is exhausted. The other 50% should be financed from another source.

More information and application forms can be found here (accessible only on the NCBJ intranet).