Thesis topics in Chemistry (for October 2024)

Application deadline: 17th June 2024

  1. Degradation of sulfonamide antibiotics in aqueous solution under electron beam (EB) irradiation and EB coupled with conventional methods
    • Supervisor: Dr. hab. Yongxia Sun, prof. INCT
    • Description: We are seeking candidates for a PhD student position partially funded by III PL-CHN “TAPEB” project. The doctoral thesis will focus on the selected three sulfa antibiotics (sulfamethoxazole, sulfamethazine, and sulfadiazine) degradation in aqueous solution under EB irradiation . EB coupled with conventional methods (Fenton, O3) will be applied to study degradation of sulfamethoxazole as a representative compound. Several important factors (such as dose and water matrix etc.) influencing on the degradation efficiency of antibiotics will be studied; degradation intermediates of sulfa antibiotics will be identified. Computer modeling simulation will be performed to elaborate mechanism of degradation of selected sulfonamide antibiotics in water under EB irradiation.
    • Funding: NCBR Grant /ICHTJ fellowship